Welcome to the Decision Support System Portal

The DSSP has been developed to assist built environment and design professionals in the design and management of safer urban spaces. Specifically it contains tools to help:

  • Identify Hazards and Risks
  • Understand the potential impact of these risks from similar incidents in similar spaces
  • Employ and deploy approproate mitigation measures to reduce risk and prevent incidents reoccurring

to the portal to have full access for all the DSSP tools, and create your own ISR assessments.

To try out the DSSP, please choose from one of the two options below.

Demo: UK Crime Explorer

Explore crimes in one of 13 UK cities. You can examine the most common crimes in the urban areas and compare crimes along a variety of axes.

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Demo: Incident Explorer

Explore incidents relevant to DESURBS around the world. You can search by incident type or navigate via a map. Full access allows you to create your own incidents

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DESURBS stands for "Designing Safer Urban Spaces". It is a research-based project which is developing tools for built environment and design professionals to use. This allows them to understand, identify, and address security risks affecting the spaces they are involved in planning, designing, and managing. More information, including peer-reviewed project publications, theses, and other publicly available reports and exploitation items, can be found in the official DESURBS website.